• clients 500+

    AutomateOne is the intelligent
    RPA solution that is used the most in Korea.

  • workers 1500+

    We dispatch digital workers
    to assist people.

  • JOBS 2000+

    Applied cases so far demonstrate
    our technical expertise.

Software 2.0 world that everyone smiles

The world that all employees and companies can smile,
Appdo opens the era of software 2.0 with work-life balance
and enhancement of working efficiency.


WHY CONSORTIUMAppdo & grideone

  • special

    We have a variety of
    AI technologies beside
    system automation.

  • support

    Constant and timely support
    is possible with domestic
    RPA and AI specialitis.

  • security

    Even financial companies
    that are sensitive to security
    select intelligent RPA.

  • scalability

    Appdo can handle
    even complicated and
    various types of works.