This is to introduce the solutions
of Appdo that is the digital worker to assist people.

Biz-i4 Solution

Biz-i4, a network system to connect RPA with Smart Factory, is a web-solution
that one department controls the whole departments using RPA for the works including
quotation automation system, Auto CAD, logistic automation system,
order placements, material controls, and so on.

  • 견적서 산출 이미지 Generation of quotation

    Can generate quotation
    based on BOM.

  • 오토캐드 드로잉 이미지 Auto CAD drawing

    Can draw the size, quantity, etc.,
    on the drawing using design DB.

  • WEB버전 프로그램 이미지 Web version program

    Can access it easily since it is
    not installation program
    but web-based program.


  • 원가분석 이미지 Superior Cost analysis

    Can analyze the costs
    by products and projects.

  • 예측 이미지 Flexible Estimation

    Estimates total sales, profit, etc.,
    in the year by generated quotations.

  • 히스토리 관리 이미지 Easy History control

    Easy to control version
    by clients and projects.

Biz-i4 Solution group

좌우 스크롤하시면 전체 이미지를 보실수 있습니다. 그룹 조직도 이미지
  • 고객사 발주 아이콘 Client order placement

    Client’s request
    for quotation

  • 영업 부서 아이콘 Sales department

    Prepare quotation
    and order taking
    (quotation automation solution)

  • 설계 부서 아이콘 Design department

    Drawing design
    (AutoCAD automation solution)

  • 구매 부서 아이콘 Purchasing department

    Order placement of materials
    (PO automation solution)

  • 생산 부서 아이콘 Production department

    Working order
    (working order
    automation solution)

  • 공공 아이콘 Packaging goods

    Container packing
    (Automation solution
    for logistic CBM 3D)