This is to introduce the solutions
of Appdo that is the digital worker to assist people.


AutomateOne solution is an intelligent RPA solution
that can make automation even for challenging tasks beside regular, simple,
and repetitive works, upon alignment with multiple AI technologies.
It is a GS-certified first-grade software that the Korean government recognizes.

  • 비용절감 이미지 Cost saving

    Can lessen the cost
    for repetitive works by 30 to 50%.

  • 생산성 향상 이미지 Improving productivity

    Can process the existing works
    without errors two to five times
    as fast as possible.

  • 자원 효율성 이미지 Resource efficiency

    Can work for 24 hours
    with software robot.


  • 우수한 독자 AI 기술 적용 이미지 Superior Application of superior
    unique AI technology

    Can apply AI technologies
    in multiple areas.

  • 유연한 업무 환경 적응력 이미지 Flexible Flexible adaptability
    to working environment

    Can make automation even in
    non-standard working environment.

  • 쉬운 개발 이미지 Easy Easy

    Can be developed easily
    by the users.

  • 신속한 결과 제공 이미지 Fast Fast outcome

    Provides working and quality
    information real-time basis.

AutomateOne group

좌우 스크롤하시면 전체 이미지를 보실수 있습니다. 그룹 조직도 이미지
  • 은행 아이콘 Bank

    Check price appropriateness of brokerage agencies, company loans, information inquiry before providing company loan, charge commission, computer registration of market prices for used cars, handover of bonds that will cancel the accounts.

  • 보험 아이콘 Insurance

    Data extraction to generate information letter for existing customers, identifying customers that can collect the credit, supporting preparation of integrative terms, provisional attachment of receivables, sample check of information letter.

  • 증권 아이콘 Securities

    Sending stock trading report, monitoring of securities quantity, recognition and cancellation of deposit for reverse trading of stocks, downloading fund stats of the Korea Financial Investment Association.

  • 제조 아이콘 Manufacturing

    SAP invoice processing, uploading invoice, generation of potential accounts, registration of export permits.

  • 서비스 아이콘 Services

    Automatic delivery of daily reports, automatic registration of orders from partners, issuance of local tax payment certificate.

  • 공공 아이콘 Public

    Proposing overtime work order, alarming usages of annual leaves, downloading budget control data, bundling process of official letters.