This is to introduce the solutions
of Appdo that is the digital worker to assist people.

AI InspectorOne

AI InspectorOne is the machine learning framework to support lots
of works automatically to be processed by replacing paper based
verification/information tracking works and so on that workers do into AI.

  • 업무 정확도 향상 이미지 Enhancement of
    working accuracy

    Can enhance the accuracy
    of works that require precision.

  • 자동화 업무 범위 확대 이미지 Expansion of
    automation work scope

    AI can learn by itself
    to expand the work scope.

  • 업무 성과 향상 이미지 Enhancement of
    job performances

    Can enhance job performances of employees
    by concentrating on the value added tasks.


  • 우수한 독자 AI 기술 적용 이미지 Learning Automatic learning

    As AI learns the documents more,
    the speed and accuracy
    of work process will be faster.

  • RPA 연계 이미지 Connected Connected with RPA

    Maximizes the performance
    of automation by connecting
    with ‘AutomateOne,’ RPA solution.

  • 오류 확인 이미지 Checking Checking errors

    Can check the time
    and location of errors if any.

AI InspectorOne group

좌우 스크롤하시면 전체 이미지를 보실수 있습니다. 그룹 조직도 이미지
  • 문서선정 이미지 Document selection

    Decision of documents
    and verification items

  • 학습 이미지 Learning

    Data analysis, design of artificial
    neural network structure,
    production and verification
    of learned data

  • 업무 적용 아이콘 Application of works

    Installation and application