This is to introduce the clients of Appdo
that is the digital worker to assist people.

The way to Success

To generate the best outcome, Appdo supports the whole processes
from the beginning of solution introduction up to the actual application
in the works, strategically and systemically.

  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 01 Setting the rationales
    to introduce solution
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 02 Assigning the responsible
    department to introduce solution
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 03 Selection of
    applied works
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 04 Process analysis and
    review by works
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 05 Verification of
    proof of concept
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 06 Introduction and
    development of solution
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 07 Training
  • 클라이언트 이미지 STEP 08 Solution application/
    performance analysis


  • "We introduced RPA for work process innovation."

    For the last year, we could shorten the working speed by 50% applying the solution over 80 tasks.
    Grid One has supported continuously from the initial step to date.

    - - Person in charge of RPA in a foreign insurance company -
  • "Upon introduction of AutomateOne, a RPA solution by Grid One…"

    Upon introduction of AutomateOne, a RPA solution by Grid One,
    we enhance the working efficiency by the ways that we had never thought about in the past.
    Since RPA adaptabilities were confirmed in multiple areas,
    we plan to expand RPA introduction throughout the company.

    - - Manager, Digital Process Innovation Team in a bank -
  • "We have been with Grid One from the work selection step to introduce digital human resources."

    With continuous and systemic supports, we could save document
    reviewing time over 50% and enhance the work accuracy significantly.

    - CEO of a foreign BPO company -
  • "Can save working hours for daily reports, and so on by almost 80%..."

    Since the introduction of RPA to enhance office productivity,
    we could save the working hours including shipping documents processing,
    preparations of logistics daily reports and so on by almost 80%,
    and have hired digital resources in more than 100 tasks.

    - A person in charge in the manufacturer of large company -

Clients Service Process

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