This is to introduce the technologies
of Appdo that is the digital worker to assist people.

AI 이미지

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive decision, perform
very difficult business process

Develops cognitive automation solution that learns and grow
with human behaviors based on the unique AI technologies
in the areas of OCR, CAPTCHA, NLP, RL, and VISION.

  • Image recognition technology
  • Deep learning technology
  • Character recognition technology
  • Natural language processing technology
  • Visual recognition technology
  • Atypical data recognition technology
프로세스 자동화 이미지

Process Automation

Perform work automation
and simple repetitive works

Not only makes automations for systems, diagnosis of service performances, and quality control, but also develops automation processes for simple, repetitive, and regular works with process automation technology.

  • Image processing technology
  • Large-scale robot control technology
  • Subject recognition and processing technology
  • Atypical document processing technology
  • Auto-scripting technology
  • Multiple terminal synchronization technology
로봇하드웨어장치 이미지

Robot hardware

Overcome limitations
of SW automation

Develops robot hardware technology to supplement the processes only with software such as recognition of CAPTCHA, offline data recognition, and so on.

  • Image capturing device
  • Physical keyboard
  • Offline touch device